Semi-Permanent Make-up

Would you love to wake up each morning and look great with very little effort, day after day for years and only have to apply lip-gloss before going out. Do you go to the gym or go swimming and your make-up runs down your face, or disappears. Do you have sparse brows and lashes, or have lost them after illness, Then Semi Permanent Make-up is ideal for you.

Our faces change as we get older, you wish your lashes were thicker, your lips fuller and your eyebrows were higher and thicker due to years of over-plucking.



Our eyesight deteriorates so we cannot see so clearly to apply liner and brow pencil, our lipstick and liner bleeds into our lines round our lips—there's no fun getting older!

For Ladies who are going to have Chemotherapy treatment and will lose hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, Semi Permanent Makeup is an ideal choice as you can have your eyebrows and lash lines enhanced before treatment so that the natural line can be followed and the colour matched to suit your individual needs, and once the hair has disappeared you still have a natural look.

Semi Permanent Makeup can also be applied after treatment using either Hair stroke or Powder technique to provide either a subtle or dramatic effect.